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Currency Exchange

The Mexican Peso is the official currency in Los Cabos, however, U.S. Dollars are widely accepted in most locations. The dollar is closer to 21 pesos, depending on market fluctuations. The best exchange rates are normally on credit cards or taking cash out of the ATM, most banks will also exchange US dollars for Mexican pesos. Also, local currency exchange booths are usual throughout Los Cabos.

Check out the table with the dollar’s current value in relation to the Mexican Pesos and major currencies and calculate your money exchange.

Calculate currency exchange rate

US dollar Exchange Rates 1 USD =
Euro 0.9388902887865106
Mexican Peso 17.09506664742796
Argentine Peso 349.9739997942614
Brazilian Real 4.8803333301459695
Canadian Dollar 1.3477333333333332
Chilean Peso 883.6341583933875
Colombian Peso 3926.2290693333334
Hong Kong Dollar 7.823806666666667
North Korean Won 899.971
New Zealand Dollar 1.687852
Russian Ruble 96.03715966666667
Bitcoin 0.0000368680244546

Rates 21 Sep 2023

Currency exchange at Los Cabos Airport

Traveling to Los Cabos with national currency is a great idea, but not required, since many hotels and locals accept U.S. Dollars. There are money exchange facilities at each terminal at Los Cabos Airport, so you can exchange money at your arrival.

The best rates are on ATM or using a credit card, so it is recommended to take cash out of the ATM when you arrive in Los Cabos. National banks throughout Los Cabos exchange U.S. Dollars and most foreign currencies, and currency exchange houses give preferable rate exchanges. Hotels usually give the worst exchange rates, so just use them when having no other choice.

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